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The Five Swords

This is the beggining of my epic story.

It is told that there were 5 swords of great power. All of them made exactly the same, yet they all had developed personalities of their own. It is also told that there is a mystical power that is divided in to 5 individual strengths, and at one time these strengths had passed into the legendary swords. Creating the variation in behavior of each sword. Every one had its own power which was equal to the others strengths, but since these powers were different, the yielder of one sword could become the master of all. If one yielder were to have under his power all four of the others, that yielder could command, create, and destroy the entire universe. Each sword was created by the sheer coincidence of existence. That is to say that they are all natural and contain magic that is created by the resonation of being alive. This power is limitless and cannot be destroyed. Only harnessed and used.