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Alton Highschool Page

For students of Alton High

(If you see anything that is not here and needs to be, Email me:

School has turned out to be relatively uneventful. Although Mrs. Plummer suprized us with the scale test (tomorrow!)It just got tiresome, fast. I know there is not much that the teachers can do to make it cool, but I haven't heard of any parties, dances, and/or funny goings on. It's dissapointing me heavily. Mabey some of you can stir up some trouble. I don't know.

I'M NOT TELLING YOU TO GO DO THESE THINGS. But if this happens of anyones own accord It will spice up my life.
Ya'know, ladies, I don't mind when you smile or even flirt with me, but damn, if you are a crazy little trouble maker who uses nails for earings, and does witchcraft for fun I can't promise you I'll Make nice, nice back. Thank for not being like that to me so far.... Your handsome editor, Violinkai

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